Piston stuffer Kompakta 2 FREY

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Piston stuffer Kompakta 2 FREY

Capacity of cylinder 30 l
Installed power 3,3 kW
Rotary current 400 volts, 50 Hz, 3 phases (special voltages 200 - 480 volts possible)
FREY Maschinenbau

Filling machines with innovation and tradition The roots of our medium-sized firm, led as a family-owned company, lie in the heart of Baden-Württemberg. We are producers of high-quality filling stuffers for the butcher trade and the food processing...

Fully electronic filling and portitioning stuffer. Suitable for all sausage types for STRAIGHTFILLING, PORTIONING and LINKING of all casing sorts.

In this new system we put great importance to the care of the sausage meat.

  • with C60H control and memory for 99 filling programs
  • speed, number of links and pauses are infinitely adjustable
  • indication of filling level, piece counter, automatic stop after a certain quantity
  • adjustable 1st portion weight
  • portioning range 5 - 10.000 g
  • portioning speed up to 250 portions/min.
  • piston made of high-quality, wear resistant synthetic material
  • including accessories and hydraulic oil


  • LCD3 control with TFT colour display
  • memory for 100 filling programs
  • table of contents showing the product name in the program
  • casing holder device for natural casings without drive
  • tube casing holder for artificial/cellulose and collagen casings
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Beverage industry plant engineering