Vacuum sausages stuffer F40 FREY

Vacuum sausages stuffer F40 FREY

Filling performance max. 1900 kg / h
Filling pressure 30 bar
Portioning range from 5 to 1000 g (5-999g in 0,1 g steps)
Portioning speed max. 300 portions/min.
Installed power max. 3,9 KW
FREY Maschinenbau

Filling machines with innovation and tradition The roots of our medium-sized firm, led as a family-owned company, lie in the heart of Baden-Württemberg. We are producers of high-quality filling stuffers for the butcher trade and the food processing...

Fully electronic continual vacuum stuffer for STRAIGHTFILLING, PORTIONING and LINKING with linking gear and FREY High-Line E-DRIVE

F40 works with a stainless rotor system. No wearing out problems due to a well-thought construction and a most favourable material combination.The vacuum pump is sucking off resting air bubbles (gaps) from the product. You get a perfect sausage aspect - the subsequent natural reddening is improved. 

The standard F-LINE F40 model is equipped with a massiv 40 litres filling hopper. The low filling height makes a power-saving charging possible. The hopper is protected with an electronically locking protective grate.

Thanks to the compact dimensions F-LINE F40 finds everywhere a place. Optionally an undercarriage is available.

  • TC100 touch control
  • Speed and length of portioning pauses infinitely adjustable counter of passage quantity, piece counter,
  • Automatic stop control, flow-reverse mechanism,
  • Adjustable 1st portion weight,
  • 400 volts, 50 Hz
Models range Art.No. Hopper Straighfilling Portioning Linking
F-Line F40 P 40 L 71 000 040.00 40l  x  x  
F-Line F40 P 25/90 L 71 000 042.00 25/90 l  x  x  
F-Line F40 A 40 L 71 000 041.00 40l  x  x  x
F-Line F40 A 25/90 L 71 000 043.00 25/90 l  x  x  x



  • Divisible hopper 25/90 litres Waterproof plug connection for clipping machines Casing holder DHGN Casing holder DHGA Casing spooler DA2012 calibrating unit Special tubes Undercarriage on wheels Equipment trolley Installation
  • Flange size filling tubes: for linking FL 35 mm for straightfilling FL 73 mm


  • Rotor extractor
  • Outlet cleaner
  • Accessories holder
  • Counter screw
  • Grease gun manual

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Beverage industry plant engineering