Showering and intensive cooling houses IKK2850/6

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Showering and intensive cooling houses IKK2850/6

Capacity depends of the caliber of the product 1000-2400 kg
Installed power 20 kW
Dimensions w x d x h 1680 x 6650 x 2800 мм
Refrigeration power 108 kW
Dimensions pf the trolley 1010 х 1030 х 2020 mm

Showering and intensive cooling houses IKK 2850/6

The KERRES Showering and Intensive Coolinghouses stand for modern and efficient production processes and minimum product cycle times. Immediately after the thermal treatment of meat, sausages and other kinds of food the product can be cooled down to a requested core temperature and packed. The air is cooled down in the circulation process. This process is monitored and controlled by a microprocessor. 

  • microprocessor-controlled cooling conditions
  • ready to plug in delivery ex works - fast installation the spot
  • 1 -truck to 6-truck units
  • microprocessor control K-Touch 4012 available in many languages
  • cooling down to 6 °C core temperature possible
  • stainless steel evaporator
  • all current coolants usable 

Your benefits:

  • minimum loss of temperature and minimum loss of weight
  • short cycle times by immediately ready to pack products
  • saving of cooling surfaces and storage space
  • shelf life of product extended because of faster and monitored cooling down
  • increased slicability strength with cold cuts
  • attractive look of the product
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