Universal smokehouse 2250

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Universal smokehouse 2250

Dimensions w x d x h 1680 x 1250 x 2840 mm
Smoke truck w x d x h 1010 x 930 x 1750 mm
Electric connection 30/31 */35** kW
Stock length (max.) 900 - 1000 mm
Capacity 110 - 355 kg

Universal smokehouse 2250

The universal smokehouses provide a constant quality - with all smoking processes and heat treatment methods. The smouldering of the sawdust in the separate smoke generator and the exact co-ordinated circulation in the smokehouse ensure first-class products. The fully automatic process control enables reliable production processes. 

Environmental friendly and economical

Smoke circulating system which reduces the smoke emissions to the statutory levels - in fact below them. The smoke is continuously regenerated via the smoke generator. The benefit: the circulation system is sealed; no fresh air enters the system and there's virtually no exhaust gas. This method ensures a particularly environmental friendly and economical operation in all processes.

In this closed smoke system the generated smoke is used in the best possible way.

  • minimum energy requirements
  • environmental friendly
  • lower loss of weight as conventional procedures. 

In contrast to open systems the requirement of smoking materials for the system is up to 40 % lower. Subsequent combustion units, smoke scrubbers or catalytic converters are unnecessary.

Our benefits:

  • you save energy
  • you need less sawdust
  • you have shorter smoking times
  • you have a lower loss of weight

At a glance:

  • drying, smoking, dry cooking, baking, cooking, air-conditioning, showering
  • integrated or separate smoke generator
  • four different sizes + modular design for big units
  • all kinds of smoking processes: hot smoking, intensive smoking, cold smoking
  • available for various heating methods: electricity, gas, oil, steam
  • environmentally friendly by „TA-Air"
  • floor passable, on request also for overhead trolley systems
  • easy to clean with integrated foam cleaning system
  • integrated bottom drainage
  • microprocessor-control, reliably repeatable processes
  • available as closed or exhaust air reduces circulation system
  • modular design: easy to install on the spot
  • sawdust smoke, friction smoke and liquid smoke
  • all smoking- and cooking-systems with the Hybrid Airflow Circulation System available.

Hybrid Airflow Circulation System

With the Hybrid Airflow Circulation System with air flaps for Universal Smokehouses you have the ability to control the direction of the airflow and reach faster processing times, higher product output, energy savings, less weight loss, and absolute uniformity throughout the final product. Perfect for product hung on sticks, or laid on screens.


Options Description
C-G Units with sawdust smoke generator built into the door
C-RR Units with friction smoke generator built into the door
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