Semiautomatic fish slicer UNI350F GA Uni-Tech

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Semiautomatic fish slicer UNI350F GA Uni-Tech

Blade diameter 350 mm
Installed power 0,37 kW
Turns per minute 300
Max cutting size 244 x 30
Thickness of the cuts 25 mm
Weight 57 kg

Since 2012, the company has been manufacturing industrial equipment from stainless steel in Poland, Poznan, our range of products consists of: All types of trolleys with differents sizes, volume and purpose for food and non-food production plants;...

  • solid-state control panel impervious to water and resistant to harsh environments
  • high capacity carriage for extra large cuts
  • stow-away product holder for slicing flexibility
  • patented Poly-V belt drive with automatic tensioner - NO belt slippage
  • 1 carriage speed and 1 stroke lengths allow efficient slicing of varying product sizes
  • 3rd generation blade, with low-friction cutting edge for precise low-force slicing
  • salami holder: an additional adjustable “fence” to keep round products stable when slicing
  • ample operator access for fast cleanup of food debris behind blade
  • attractive highly polished aluminium alloy construction for easy cleaning and better hygiene
  • Belt transmission
  • Separated sharpener
  • High precision cutting 10 carriage speed and 3 stroke lenghts: small – medium – large
  • Product plate provided with special gripper for fish
  • Fish support plate from 15° up to 45° setting up
  • Improved guide ridges for a better running product
  • Intuitive control panel – IP69 protection
  • Slicer’s set up counter


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Beverage industry plant engineering

Beverage industry plant engineering