Wood Chips Smoke Generator

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Wood Chips Smoke Generator

Range of application per unit / truck 1-8
Installed power 1,8 - 2,4 kW
Dimensions w x d x h 550-850 x 1000-1450 x 1500-1950 mm
  • fully-automatic operation in the open system
  • completely made in stainless steel
  • four different sized available, for 1- to 8-truck houses
  • suited to all kinds of wood chips with a graining of 8-16 mm
  • controlling via the computer screen of the smoking unit
  • electrical ignition
  • cold- and hot smoke possible  

Your benefits:

  • user-friendly controls and cleaning
  • short smoking times
  • high safety standard
  • well-engineered technology, well coordinated wirh the smokehouse
  • very strong smoke, intensive smoke flavour


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