Сбор и хранение крови

Сбор и хранение крови

Machine to store and refrigerate blood. It consists of an tank that is insulated with polyurethane foam, with adjustable feet, entry and exit points, and a vertical stirrer.

It includes a direct expansion evaporator with R-404A gas. a conventional refrigeration unit, an airtight compressor and an air condenser, and washes itself automatically. The storage tank can be controlled electronically, both in terms of cooling and cleaning.

Made of stainless steel.


0.00 KZT

Machine designed to coagulate the blood collected from the slaughter and separate the solid from the liquid.

The percentage of residual moisture that is retained in the solid part is approximately 25-30%, which removes any smells and allows it to be transported more easily.
The product obtained is not suitable for human consumption, and is mainly used for fertilization.
It is cooked using steam which comes from an internal cc Made of stainless steel.


0.00 KZT

Used to pump the blood from the blood collection channel to the storage tank, through a pipe,

Made up of:

  • A peristaltic pump. 0.55 KW.
  • A stainless steel supporting cabinet.
  • An electrical control panel.

If there are more than one slaughter lines, a collector can be added that decides which line the blood should be collected from


0.00 KZT

This machine is used to blend together the blood collected during slaughter, in order to stop it from congealing.


  • Wedge-shaped lower part, to fit the stirrer.
  • Lower exit with a 1 ½" ball valve.
  • Upper grill with a hinge opening.
  • Secure seal on the grill: if it is opened while the machine is on, it will stop in order to prevent anything getting trapped in the stirrer.
  • 4 nylon wheels Ø 100 mm, with a brake,
  • Powered by a 0.37 KW gear motor.
  • Electrical control panel with stop and start buttons.

Made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

Measurements: 800 mm long x 800 mm wide x 500 mm high, with legs up to 800 mm long.

Capacity: 100 liters.


0.00 KZT

To collect the blood during the slaughter process




1500 mm


1200 mm


1000 mm

 Made up of:

  • V-shaped channel, with a variable length depending on the facility.
  • Legs with pegs to adjust the height.
  • 3 way ball valve: to empty, clean and fill with the pump.

Made of AISI-304 stainless steel.


0.00 KZT

Used to hygienically bleed the animal and remove the blood via a pneumatic pump.

Made up of:

  • 1 stainless steel bleeding trocar device, to bleed the animal.
  • 1 sanitary hose that connects the trocar device and the pump.
  • 1 pneumatic membrane vacuum pump that sucks up the blood. The valves and body are made of stainless steel, while the membrane is made of teflon.
  • 1 sanitary hose, to move the blood from the pump to wherever it needs to go (blender, storage, etc.).
  • 1 pump support, made of AISI-304 stainless steel.


  • Attach the hose to the recipient where the blood will be collected,
  • Bleed the animal using the trocar device.
  • Press the valve lever to activate the pneumatic pump.

When the animal has been bled, close the valve lever to stop the pneumatic pump

0.00 KZT
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Мультилинии производства макаронных изделий