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Packaging module | DONI®Pack 1.5 PCH

Production capacity: 1 300 to 1 600 packs/hour, depending on the product
The power supply: 2 kW
The air consumption: 400l/min with a pressure of 6 bar
Length, mm: 1 200
Width, mm: 1 200
Height, mm: 1 750

We transform the milk. Our goal is to create a range of perfect dairy products for you to enjoy everyday and everywhere around the world. We create new technologies to enrich your table. High equipment quality and correct attitude to our customers...

DONI®Pack 1.5 PCH is specifically designed for packaging of:
- processed cheese;
- cream cheese
The process is fully automated and is monitored by sensors which will stop the module if any of the manufacturing stages fail.
The packaging is plastic with different shapes and weight, depending on the specific customer requirements.
 production capacity of The weight is regulated in two ranges:
- volume doser from 50 g to 200 g;
- volume doser from 100 g to 500 g
Dimensions: (Dimensions may vary according to size of the packs).
The module is supplied with a buffer tank whose modifications and volume depend on the specific packaged product.
DONI®Pack 1.5 PCH module requires CIP cleaning.

Further Accessories
Optional extras: - aseptic panelling with sterile air inserted; - UV lamp;
- jet printer;
- automatic positioning of additional lid;
- exit conveyor belt for the finished packaging;
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