Thermoforming Machine ML-C 5600-skin

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Thermoforming Machine ML-C 5600-skin

Area of use Food, Non-Food
Dimensions Length: 5.260 – 10.500 mm
Width: max. 1.290 mm (depending on film width)
Height: 1.980 mm
Size/Capacity ●●●●
Output ●●●●●
Customization ●●●●●
Packaging variants freely definable
Packaging Style Vacuum, MAP, Pseudo-skin, Form shrink, 2pack
Index/Repeat length 200 – 600 mm (max. 600 mm with pre-heating) (only skin: 200 – 400 mm)
Draw depth Max.130 mm / max. 70 mm – skin
Bottom film width 322 – 562 mm
Bottom film: Flexible film PA/PE, Tyvec
Rigid film e.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS, max. 1200 μm
Top film: Flexible film e.g. PET, PVC, PP, PS
Rigid film Optional
WEBOMATIC CleanDesign®
WEBOMATIC Sealing Technology
Forming procedures Standard: compressed air
Optional: compressed airand vacuum, plug assist forming
Top film forming Optional
Cutting Standard: guillotine cut
Optional: Zigzag cut, Perforation cut, Round corners, Squeezing knife, Strip punch, Contour or complete cut
Film rewinding with dancer arms Optional
Opening aids Optional
Pre-heating Optional
WEBOMATIC On-The-Fly Format Change Optional
Pseudo-skin Optional
Protrude-skin Optional
WEBOMATIC 2pack Optional
Form shrink Optional

The thermoforming packaging machine ML-C 5600-skin is designed for medium to high production requirements and is already a fixture in the food market. The deep-drawn skin packaging is an additional packaging function to the ML-C 5600, which has been further developed according to the criteria of the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® and the properties of the ML-C 5600.

The thermoforming machine ML-C 5600-Skin – for industrial skin packaging.
Skin packaging is an additional variation which has been further developed according to the properties of the ML-C 5600. With a thermoformed skin pack, your product receives a skin-tight enclosure of a clear-transparent top film. This special skin film is being sealed full-surface onto the bottom film without impairing the product. The result is a pack of excellent quality with enhanced food safety and the best possible product presentation – no matter if the product is presented hanging or lying at the point of sale.

Options Description
Options for individualized packaging MAP
oxygen O2
Skin or form shrink packaging
Top film forming for Snap-in Lids
Gas mixer and/or analysis device
Pre-heating systems
Knee-free loading zone
Various forming procedures
Various cutting systems
Various pack coding and printing systems, like:
– print mark control
– labelling equipment, bottom and top
– stamp coding
– hot embossing
– thermo transfer printer
– inkjet
– laser systems
Opening aids, like peel corners, bend and peel, etc.
Detection systems
Options for better processing and efficiency Various PLC control based aids:-communication module
– remote diagnosis
– extended production data analysis
– adaption and tailoring of further
– digitalization concepts
WEBOMATIC On-The-Fly Format Change
Quick-changing device for format change
Jumbo reel device (straight or in 90° angle)
Support rolls in the loading zone
Film strip rewinding
Height-adjustable split conveyor belt
Secure water cooling system
Lifting limit via PLC control unit
Synchronisation with automatic supply system
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