Block moulds rotator | DONI®Rotoform

Block moulds rotator | DONI®Rotoform

Length, mm: 3 500
Width, mm: 1 030
Height, mm: 1 030
The power supply: 0,74 kW
The duration of the cycle: 10 s minimum

We transform the milk. Our goal is to create a range of perfect dairy products for you to enjoy everyday and everywhere around the world. We create new technologies to enrich your table. High equipment quality and correct attitude to our customers...

The module is part of a transportation system in the automated production line of soft cheese. It is built-in behind the washing tunnel. It prepares the block moulds for filling by rotating it by 180°. DONI®Rotoform is a chain conveyor belt with a rotating frame installed on it. When the block mould enters the jaws of the frame it is rotated by 180° and then it continues along the conveyor belt.

The module is cleaned locally.


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