Automated cleaning-in-place module | DONI®Pro CIP А 45

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Automated cleaning-in-place module | DONI®Pro CIP А 45

Productivity /pressure 4 atm/    l/h    3 000 ÷ 27 000 10 000 ÷ 50 000
Electrical power, kW: 12
Air consumption (pressure 6 atm), l/min: 110
Steam consumption (pressure 3 atm), kg/h: 1500
Length, mm: 2 100
Width, mm: 1 430
Height, mm: 2 500

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The Module is designed for cleaning in a closed line with circulation through a balance tank. It has three main programs plus an extra additional special program used in cases of bacteriophage. The cleaning is fully automated and requires a high level of automation in the production sectors /HLA/. Cleaning systems with up to 6 integrated modules can be constructed with DONI®Pro CIP A. Every module services 16 lines in 24 hours. Individual parameters are set for each line. They depend on the type of contamination. Cleaning of two or more lines at a time can be performed if there is sufficient output and pressure. Circulation through balance tank saves energy and detergents because it heats only the volume necessary for the specific line and maintains optimal concentration corresponding to the contamination of the surfaces. Small volumes and very dirty cleaning solutions are diverted for neutralisation and disposal.
The parameters: time, concentration, temperature and flow are recorded and individually regulated for each line. DONI®Pro CIP A is compact, installed on a platform and hydraulically tested in factory conditions. It has a centrifugal pump, a balance tank, a plate or tubular heat exchanger, sensors for conductivity, temperature, flow and pressure, automatic regulating and shut-off valves for steam, dosing pumps for cleaning solutions and disinfectants, sanitary electropneumatic valves for flow control, control panel.

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