Washing tunnel | DONI®Washmatic 6.0

Washing tunnel | DONI®Washmatic 6.0

Power supply (kW): 16
Steam consumption with pressure 3atm (kg/h): 150
Linear velocity (m/s): 0,33÷ 3.3
Length, m: 6 000
Width, m: 1 200
Height, m: 1 700

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DONI®Washmatic is a tunnel designed to wash moulds and block moulds. The quality of the washing depends on: The time the mould stays in the washing zone, the use of correct detergents, the temperature, the nozzles positions and the flow velocity (speed) created by them. DONIDO's module creates the best conditions for the correct running of the process.
DONIDO® offers two different models of DONI®Washmatic. The design choice depends on the ratio (correlation) between the holding time which guarantees quality washing and the necessary linear velocity of the moulds which has to correspond to the linear velocity of the other modules on the line. The washing is carried out in separate zones: preliminary washing, main washing, rinsing and disinfection.

The dimensions are relative and can be changed depending on the moulds' size.

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