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Isothermal PIR
panels and doors

The Transparent Flexible Doors of the CFD series are an effective barrier to the passage of air through isothermal doors in the event they remain open due to intensive traffic, whether pedestrian or trolleys. They offer maximum protection against heat loss, controlling energy consumption.

They are also a valid solution in case a dividing door with maximum visibility is required.

The CFD series doors are available in the single- or double-leaf versions, consisting of:

  1. A special stainless steel and aluminium gravity hinge with two-way rotation forms the load-bearing structure of the door. Due to its special design, it closes the door automatically.
  2. Transparent PVC mantle 3 mm thickness: Polar Type for operating at negative temperature from -20°C to 40°C

The absence of posts allows optimisation of the door opening, unlike the conventional "FLAP" doors. It is much more accessible compared to the traditional Strip Doors as it avoids the hassle of strips that fall against the operator, so passage is easier even when the user's hands are full.

They are easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

Accessories available:

  • Angular mounting bracket.
  • Door opening edging profiles


0.00 KZT

The PCE-E series of hinged doors, available on both positive and negative temperature models, consist of 4 essential parts as specified below.

A - Frame in plastic material internally reinforced in steel. In the low temperature version it is equipped with a heating element. It is complete with counterframe that serves to fasten it on prefabricated panels.

B - Leaf consisting of two supports in prepainted sheet white Ral 9010 surrounded by a profile in anodized aluminum with rigid polyurethane foam injected on the inside to act as thermal insulation. Along the edge in anodized aluminum, special rubber gasket guarantees the temperature seal. The hardware consists mainly of the exclusive handle model France, complete with key lock and luminescent safety release on the inside and one or more helical hinges, adjustable with screws. The leaf comes in three different thicknesses depending on the working temperature:

  • CE 07 TN for uses up to – 5°C
  • CE 09 BT for uses up to – 18°C
  • CE BT for uses up to – 30°C

C - Threshold, connected to the frame, can be in 4 different types according to the required use of the door.

D - Connecting profiles in stainless steel for fastening on prefabricated panels. An optional version has the counterframe in reinforced plastic material.


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The flap flexible doors in PVC, available in a double-door version, consist primarily of a sturdy structure in galvanised steel (painted or optional stainless steel) that sustains a flexible skirt of transparent PVC, suitable for use with positive temperatures or, upon request, with low temperatures, conveniently reinforced in high-stress points and complete with a torsion-spring reclosing mechanism.

They are available in 3 different versions:

  1. Manual (as described above), operates with a simple push
  2. Pneumatic touch, complete with actuation device consisting of two-way pneumatic pistons that allow the doors to open with a light push, in both directions, with a spring catch.
  3. Electro-pneumatic, complete with actuation device consisting of one-way pneumatic pistons that allow the doors to open, in a single direction, following the activation of a remote control such as a photocell, radar, metal detector, button or pull-cord, with a torsion-spring reclosing system.
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Rapid Fold door suitable for positive temperature between 0° and 35 ° C.

The door is CE certified according to EN 13241-1. It belongs to class 2 for wind pressure resistance. The primary safety against crushing is a safety edge. Secondary safety is ensured by photocells with sender/receiver technology installed on the frame.  Transparent windows in Cristal.

The motorgear is provided with encoder, safety catch device, and crank to open the door manually. Frame: galvanized sheet. The electrical control box is IP65 of painted metal sheet, complete with inverter, emergency button and pre-wired main switch.

Control box power supply 380V 50 Hz.


  • 2 black buttons Ø80 mm for supplementary  opening.
0.00 KZT