Soft product tabletop slicer 350 Black

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Soft product tabletop slicer 350 Black

Blade diameter 350 mm
Turns per minute 205
Installed power 0,37 kW
Rectangular cuts size 220 x 155 mm
Square cuts size 200 x 200 mm
Round cuts size 220 mm
Weight 40.3 kg

Completely Teflon coated machine dedicated to cheese cuts and all the soft products

Evolution in the model range

Aimed at an extremely demanding user, this is the ideal machine for organized distribution. Self-cleaning blade cover with leftover meat, a large distance between the blade and the machine body, providing easy access for cleaning, the integrated blade sharpener are just some of the characteristic features of the GD 370S


  • Fixed protective ring
  • Low voltage version
  • Cut Protection
  • Mechanical locking of the calibration plate
  • Adapted to IP54 standard
  • Complied with UNI 1974

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