Forming machine for double-sheet ravioli RA 540 ITALPAST

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Forming machine for double-sheet ravioli RA 540 ITALPAST

Capacity 350-700 kgh
Sheet width 540 mm
Dimensions w x d x h 1150 х 1200 х 1900 mm
Installed power 8 kW

In the territory of Parma, headquarters of the European authority for the alimentary safety and core of the Italian Food Valley, our company engineers and manufactures machines and plants for the production of all types of alimentary pasta, from...

Sturdy construction, studied for production of double-sheet ravioli of any sizes and shapes on industrial scale

The machine is made up of four independent units:

  • Lamination group for sheet-pasta calibration
  • Structure in stainless steel AISI 304, independent motorization equipped with electronic speed variator.
  • Dosing group of filling made up of rotatory pump suitable for feeding of fillings of any consistence.
  • Moulding and cutting group of ravioli made up of structure entirely in stainless steel fitted upon wheels.
  • Moulding and cutting rollers are teflon-coated, usable width 520 mms., made in any shapes and sizes as of catalogue or special, customized shapes.
  • All rectangular or square shapes can be obtained either one-by-one or in plaques. Supplied complete with conveyor belt of product.
  • Electric control panel for control of machine operation and synchronization of speed by electronic speed variators.
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