Lasagne machine - Cutting machine TA600/L ITALPAST

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Lasagne machine - Cutting machine TA600/L ITALPAST

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In the territory of Parma, headquarters of the European authority for the alimentary safety and core of the Italian Food Valley, our company engineers and manufactures machines and plants for the production of all types of alimentary pasta, from...

Pasta machine functioning electro-pneumatically for automatic cutting and stacking of fresh lasagne Equipped with cutting groups this machine is also used as cutter - sheet-cutter for tagliatelle and long pasta

  • The lasagne machine-cutting machine is suitable for automatic production lines of fresh pasta obtained either from sheet or from pasta die.
  • This pasta machine can operate in two modes, lasagne or tagliatelle, and is made up of a conveyor belt for sheet pasta or for long pasta, a cutting group for tagliatelle, a cross-cutting group (or guillotine) and a unit for lasagne stacking.
  • The PLC-equipped electric control panel automatically controls machine operation in the two running modes.

Lasagna mode

  • Featuring automatic stacking device for lasagne sheets to be packaged in trays.
  • A piece-counting device enables to stack the desired quantity of pasta sheets and then discharge them onto a conveyor belt located underneath.
  • A version is available equipped with suitable device to put a sheet of paper between each sheet of pasta.

Tagliatelli and other shape of long-cut pasta mode:

Featuring interchangeable cutting groups and pneumatic cross-cut to determine cutting length and relative weight.

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