Multiple-tier Pasteurizer SC ITALPAST

Multiple-tier Pasteurizer SC ITALPAST

Capacity Depends of product
Layers quantity 2-5
Width of conveyor belt 700-1500 mm

In the territory of Parma, headquarters of the European authority for the alimentary safety and core of the Italian Food Valley, our company engineers and manufactures machines and plants for the production of all types of alimentary pasta, from...

High performances ensured by reduced overall dimensions of the machine Pasteurization by overheated steam can be effected on two tiers, to which one or more drying tiers can be combined Particularly suitable for double-sheet ravioli requiring long treatment times
Pasta machine featuring new conception and high technology, ideal for large industries needing to exploit room in the best way possible in favour of high outputs. 

Running exclusively by overheated steam the pasta machine compact structure further improves the already proven efficiency of the SC models. From one up to three pre-drying tiers running by hot air can be added to the two pasteurization tiers, thus enabling to obtain final product ready for the cooling or packaging phase.

Output depends only on length of the pasteurization chamber (“L”) and on the kind of product to be treated: dimensions, thickness, total humidity. Due to the high temperature the belts dedicated to pasteurization are made up of stainless steel net and side driving chain. Belts in polyester net and side driving chains or sector-shaped belt in polypropylene are used in the drying area.

Technical data and overall dimensions supplied upon request depending on model and size.

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