Refining and calibration unit C540 ITALPAST

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Refining and calibration unit C540 ITALPAST

Sheet thinkness 0,4-3 mm
Width of sheet 540 mm
Dimensions d x w x h 1400 x 1000 x 1450 mm
Installed power 8 kW

In the territory of Parma, headquarters of the European authority for the alimentary safety and core of the Italian Food Valley, our company engineers and manufactures machines and plants for the production of all types of alimentary pasta, from...

Made in stainless steel it is particularly suitable to be used in production lines of fresh pasta coupled with automatic sheeters or extruders for lasagne or tagliatelle production.
It can also be used coupled with cookers for lasagne and pre-cooked cannelloni in cooking lines.
The refining rollers can be made in ground steel or in thickness-chromed iron, they feature variable diameter depending on models and width and are equipped with scrapers in teflon-coated brass, taking into consideration the large variety of models.

Model equipped with the following:

  • Electronic speed variator
  • Optic-eye for automatic check of sheet pasta tension
  • Side-knives for sheet pasta trimming
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