Special-shaped pasta line 1000 kgh LPS AXOR

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Special-shaped pasta line 1000 kgh LPS AXOR

Output capacity 1000 Kg/h

AXOR is since more than 25 years specialized in the design and supply of tailor made complete dry pasta lines for short, long and special shapes. It has since then supplied over a hundred lines with capacities ranging from 500 kg/h to more than 4...

L.P.S. Special-Shaped Pasta Line: the concept of production flexibility exalted to the highest level. The combination between T.V.S. press (Total Vacuum System) and the pasta movement on trays allows the production of any kind of special pasta shapes such as round nest, oval nest, lasagna, matasse, big size Short-Cut Pasta shapes, cannelloni, “farfalle” and so on, without any risk of breaking or damaging the pasta product.


The most important features of this equipment are the TURBOMIX technology and the low-speed of extrusion, which is achieved thanks to the high-efficiency compression screws: these characteristics allow to obtain a very homogenous dough. The press can be fitted either with Total Vacuum System or with traditional technology.

Nest/lasagna forming machine

Through the forming machine, the laminated pasta sheets or otherwise the extruded pasta take the desired shape (nest, matasse, lasagna, etc.) for the subsequent spreading on trays.

Pre-dryer and dryer 

Thanks to a powerful ventilation, the surface of the Special Shaped Pasta is heated to maintain the desired shape, prevent sticking and to prepare the product for the subsequent vertical predrying phase.

This phase of approximately 50 minutes, performs a quick heating of pasta and the preparation for the next drying phase.

Thanks to a rising/descending trays movement inside the main dryer and to a sophisticated thermohygroregulation system, different for each phase, it is possible to obtain a perfect drying and stabilization of any kind of Special Pasta Shape.

Cooler and emptying system

Provided with a heat exchanger entirely manufactured in stainless steel installed in a dedicated external unit, the cooler allows to cool Special Shaped Pasta and to prepare the pasta for the next packaging phase.

There are different models of emptying devices: it is possible to flip the tray to obtain a bulk packing or there is the possibility to have an unloading unit with pieces counting and tidy feeding of the packaging system.

Process automation

ARS (AxorOcrim Remote Service) is the automation and supervision system completely developed by Axor.

  • Integrated supervision of the automation system entirely developed by Axor,
  • Real time full control of the line components,
  • Management and analysis of recipes, historical data and power consumption,
  • Compatibility with all management software,
  • Access via Axorapp for all mobile devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop),
  • Remote assistance with Axor Ocrim’s technical and support center, available 24 hours / 7 days.
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