Horizontal flow-pack machines FP60

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Horizontal flow-pack machines FP60

Capacity Up to 70 ppm
Power 4,0 kW
Air consumption 150 l per min
Width of the roll 600 mm
Dimensions 1010 x 4190 x 1820 mm

Thanks to many years experience on the packaging sector, we have developed a range of Horizontal Flow-Pack machines, respecting the guidelines of the Campagnolo philosophy: simplicity, quality manufacture, reliability, easy to use.


  • High quality bags 
  • Easy of operation 
  • Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning 
  • Tele-service (on request)

Technical features

  • Cantilevered construction left or right 
  • Main motor with inverter for adjustable speed 
  • Forming box adjustable or fixed as request 
  • Cantilevered reel holder with air expanding shaft 
  • 3 pairs of sealing rollers (C-H-C) * 
  • Rotary cross sealing jaws * length max 300 mm 
  • Tool free film-reel and forming box change over * 
  • High quality and modular, non-proprietary components 
  • Operator’s panel colour touch-screen with integrated temperatures
  • Control and adjustable position 
  • Working programs memorization 
  • Infeed conveyor 1500 mm. loading zone length *
  • Working: electro-pneumatic 

* standard models

Wrapping materials:

Heat-sealable films, various complex films, polyethylene, etc.


Photocell for print centering, Various kinds of printing unit, Gear shift for pitch changeover, Rotary cross sealing jaws with no.4 jaws, Zig-zag knives, "Euroslot" device, Gusseting device, Gas injection (MAP), Alcool sprayer, etc.

Special models 

  • Models with top-seal 
  • Intermittent models 
  • Stainless steel models

The technical specifications stated are merely indicative and data should always be confirmed by CAMPAGNOLO.

Transporter systems:

  • Product hopper and loading conveyors;
  • Bucket elevators for bulk producs;
  • Bucket elevators for spaghetti;
  • Outgoing conveyors;
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