Dry Stoner | TKTA

Dry Stoner | TKTA

Application fields At food industry
Flour and semolina mills
Cereal cleaning plants
Corn factories
Oil factories
Malt factories
Cacao and coffee plants

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It is used to remove stones, mud balls, glass or metal pieces from cereals, leguminous seeds, shelled seeds and similar products.

Working Principle

  • The product flows through the feeding chamber onto a vibrating separating deck and is acted upon by vibration and air flow which causes the stones to travel up to deck to be discharged to the stone container whilst the cereals travel down to the deck to be discharged into the spout.
  • This operation is achieved easily due to oscillation difference; consequently the heavy particles and product are easily separated from each other.
  • An optimum operation is the result of several factors, such as:
  • Frequency and amplitude of vibrations
  • Suspension effect of the cereals caused by the airflow
  • Inclination of the processing deck

Note: The given values at the table are only for wheat. These values can change if processing other than wheat.

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