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Extraction Rate Scale | DURA DKRA KBTA

Three different models For wheat, flour or semolina and bran
Application fields At food industry
Flour and semolina mills
Milk powder plants
At other similar industrial plants

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It is designed to measure continuously material throughput rate and weight for monitoring of granular materials.

The accurate information is obtained regarding mill yield by installing a group of scales on different product lines.

Working Principle

The existing product in the upper bin is conveyed into a weighing chamber through the pneumatically operated gate in the inlet box. Meanwhile, the weighing chamber gate is kept at the closed position. The required weight is measured by means of load cells and this information is fed into PLC system. By means of PLC system, the weighing chamber gate is opened and the product is dumped into the lower bin. When the batch of product is finished in the lower bin, the capacitive level control switch feeds back information to the PLC system and filling process is repeated.

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