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Impact Detacher | DIKA Alapala

Application fields At food industry
At the coarse and fine semolina passages in the flour and semolina mills
Just after roller mills or at the peak point of pneumatic tubes to be used as a right-angled elbow
At other similar industrial plants

It is used to realize separating and grind process at the semolina passages in the flour diagrams, this process increases the yield of flour and consumes less energy comparing to other grinders.

Working Principle

The product is fed through the center of the machine. Uniform and smooth distribution of product is provided by means of radial wings of the rotating disc. High rotation speed creates a gradually increasing centrifugal force, which throws the product towards the fixed disc’s pins. The impact force depends on the structure of pins. The broken but not ground parts, which come from the passages and stuck on fine and medium size semolina are loosened and separated from each other. Because of free grinding the hard and soft semolina grains are affected differently.Therefore, it causes an automatic grinding between different sized parts. The parts, which are of equal size, are grind by homogeneous breaking quality. So that high flour yield is obtained. The rate of ash almost stays stable or increases slightly which can be neglected. As a result with the high productivity the obtained high flour yield will provide for a shortened flour diagram. The large particles and foreign materials are prevented from getting into the machine by installing a sieve at the inlet of the detacher.

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