Quadro Plansifter AURORA

Quadro Plansifter AURORA

Sifting capacity Excellent in the minimum of space
Maximum sieves per section 30
Extra sieving 22%
Dividing possibility Vertical & horizontal at any required level
Sanitation Maximum by the use of stainless steel & food grade synthetics
Insulation Excellent against humidity and condensation
Access doors material CTP (fibre glass reinforced polyurethane) which are strong and durable, prevent product accumulation and are impervious to humidity. An access key is supplied to tighten the doors to prevent any leakage

“Alapala: Where the tradition meets innovation” Founded in 1954, Alapala Machine is the eldest and well-known company of Alapala Group, and takes place among the top two companies of the world in its industry, going forward on a vision to be a...

The Aurora is a new generation of Plansifter which is designed by using new and innovative concepts of using modules, which allow a total flexibility from 2 sections to 4, 6 and 8 sections to suit the specific requirements of its usage. By using a new manufacturing technique which allows fast delivery times to respect the customer’s demands. The Aurora has been designed to sift and grade granular and floury products in flour milling, maize (corn) milling, durum, rye and rice mills. It can also be applied for the sorting of free flowing and granular products.

Higher sifting efficiency with compactness

This innovative concept consists of the central oscillating drive mechanism to which there are two sections attached by means of 2 carrier arms. Starting from here any even number of sections can be attached limited to a maximum number of 8 sections and vice versa they can be removed. The oscillating drive system consists of a central shaft to which the counter weights, which are adjustable are attached. The top and bottom ends of the shaft are housed in double conical cylindrical bearings. The shaft is driven by a motor, special pulleys and Poly-V drive belts. The motor is mounted on to the main frame. The bearings have a special lubrication system and are easy to mount and dismantle. The Aurora is easy to install and in cases where there is a limitation of space it can be shipped in modules or sections which is ideal when there is a limited amount of space available. Several suspending options are available for different floor heights.

Efficient Sifting And Sanitation

Higher sieve loads are achieved by using the AURORA (G) frames and AURORA sieve fabric and sieve tray cleaners an extra 22% sifting area is achieved. The Alapala type G, N and S sieves can be used. Further more, a constant sifting capacity is achieved with the best through rates with minimum sieve cleaning and low easy maintenance. After the sieves have been placed in the section they are pressed and clamped by a special pressure clamping device which is independently adjustable from all four corners. High levels of sanitation are achieved due to the innovative way of construction of the AURORA where all parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel or food grade synthetic materials. Humidity is avoided by using special high grade insulation. The innovative way of construction stops the internal product build up in the dead areas thus preventing adour and the growth of mold, bacteria and insect infestation.

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