Screw Conveyor | KHVA

Screw Conveyor | KHVA

Application fields At food industry
Flour and semolina mills
Feed mills
At cement industry
At chemical industry
At wood processing industry
At lime processing industry
At salt processing industry
For other similar industries

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It is used to convey the granular and grinded products horizontally for collecting, distributing, mixing and tempering processes.


  • Mechanical
  • Semi-cylindrical troughs and out-wall installed ball bearings
  • Plastic bushing installed intermediate bearings allows free maintenance
  • Spiral
  • The screws or spirals are welded on a pivot in a regular pitch
  • Types of drive
  • Motor with coupling
  • Flanged motor with coupling
  • Chain driven type motor
  • Special designs (at request)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Variable screw pitches
  • Special painting applications
  • With feeding box
  • The modular system allows it to be used for many and variable applications.
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