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Tubular Screw Conveyor | KTVA

Capacity Upon request
Application fields Food industry
Flour and semolina mills
Feed mills
Biscuit and macaroni factories
Dry fruit plants
Barley plants
Tea plants
Tobacco plants
Other food industry
Chemical industry
Painting made plants
Plastic made plants
Deterging made plants
Wooden industry
Nonferrous product industry
Stone and soil industry
Cement industry

“Alapala: Where the tradition meets innovation” Founded in 1954, Alapala Machine is the eldest and well-known company of Alapala Group, and takes place among the top two companies of the world in its industry, going forward on a vision to be a...

It is designed to convey all powdered and granulated raw material and finished products of less adhesive at horizontal/limited angular position to meet all industrial sectors need. It is generally used underneath of the product silos for conveying product and makes dosing. The dosing process speed is adjusted by using inverter.

Working Principle

Due to its cylindrical form, it provides possibility of conveying of product at higher speed and at severe (perpendicular) angles.

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