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Turbo Control Sifter | TKSF Alapala

Application fields At food industry
Flour and semolina mills

It is used in the flour mills to separate any foreign material may be mixed into final product during milling process or storage. The foreign materials separated from product before packing, product storage or bulk loading silo.

At food processing industry; Flour mills • Semolina mills

Working Principle

The product is conveyed into a cylindrical formed perforated sieve and than it is thrown on the sieve wall with a high speed by means of angular blades which are installed on the rotor. When the product is thrown on the perforated sieve on the flour passes through the holes and it is conveyed to flour chamber and passes through the bunker than directed to discharge and bigger size of foreign material will be conveyed to discharging outlet through the internal chamber. hose size is selected beforehand. During the screening process, flour passes through the screen and larger sizes of bran are directed to the discharge outlet.

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