Vibro Feeder | DTTA

Vibro Feeder | DTTA

Application fields At food processing industry
Flour and semolina mills
Macaroni factories
Feed mills
At other similar industrial plants
Vibration free frame Yes, by using rubber shock absorbers

It is used to feed regularly the granular or powdery product into a conveying line or a machine at a suitable rate. For the collection of flours recovered from the filter, to feed respective pneumatic line.


  • Vibrating channel made of steel, with transparent cover, connected by elastic clamps to the storage bin and to the discharge piping
  • Adjustable inclination valve for product measuring
  • Vibrator motor with adjustable mass to change the oscillation
  • Cylindrical bin made of sheet metal complete with inspection plexiglass door and supporting framework

Working Principle

The product, which is transferred from the top hopper to a vibrator feeder, is fed into a conveying element or the machine. The power unit (by a vibrator-motor) is used to obtain the required feeding by vibrating.

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