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Bucket elevator Cusinato

Cusinato Giovanni Srl

LEADER IN THE DESIGN OF PLANTS FOR HANDLING AND STORAGE Fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the creation of plants for transport and storage for fragile or delicate products. Our...

The Cusinato bucket conveyors are ideal for transporting fragile or delicate granular products such as: long and short pasta, legumes, dried fruit, candy, frozen food, pet food, chemical and granular products in general. They are available in different sizes and types to solve every vertical and horizontal transport problem. Each machine provides maximum reliability over time with a minimum level of maintenance and full respect of the load.

Our bucket elevators are equipped with:

  • one or more loading points with perfect sealing at any point of the horizontal section;
  • three different types of unloading: single (fixed unloading), multiple (more than one electro-pneumatic unloading) or sequential: Cusinato exclusive type for the even distribution of the product on a predetermined width (for example: Drying line belt or a dynamic silos);
  • safe, reliable, and complete unloading due to the 360° rotation of the bucket thanks to the Cusinato patent, with very low impact and mechanical wear;
  • buckets available in different versions and transport capacities, made in metal or plastic, also in a metal detectable version;
  • chain support and guide system, made of self-lubricating material with a very low coefficient of friction mounted on special and exclusive anodized extruded aluminium sections;
  • drip-free gutters in all the horizontal sections to prevent contaminations of lubricant from the chains;
  • minimum maintenance and long lasting.


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