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Chain conveyors Cusinato

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LEADER IN THE DESIGN OF PLANTS FOR HANDLING AND STORAGE Fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the creation of plants for transport and storage for fragile or delicate products. Our...

For the handling and conveying of fragile and delicate products Cusinato manufactures special CTC chain conveyors for medium and high production rates. This range of machines, with improved performance thanks to specific experience in the handling of cubed animal feed and, more specifically in pet food, is a valid and affordable solution for the handling and the transport of products that must not be damaged and / or contaminated in any way.The low conveying speed and the exclusive component design of the machine guarantees the absence of product breakage or stagnation points. Special surface treatments prevent and limit the product from being damaged by friction. Thanks to the meticulous attention to component and part design of the CTC chain conveyors and their related accessories, the product is guaranteed to be conveyed without being damaged and contaminated in any way.

The Cusinato CTC range of chain conveyors can be supplied with lengths of up to 50 m and fitted with intermediate unloading points which can be operated manually, electro-pneumatically or motorised. For special installation requirements, they allow, through a special raised structure a double sliding plane, to convey the product in the opposite direction of the chain feed up to the return unit to then, fall onto the bottom sliding plane, and then be conveyed forward thus avoiding the use of additional conveyors.

The end and chain tensioning return units, mechanically reinforced with special profiles, contain devices and internal elements to prevent the complete stagnation of product and powders, thus allowing the conveyor to be used with different product batches in sequence without mixing or contaminating them


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