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Spiral lowerators Cusinato

Cusinato Giovanni Srl

LEADER IN THE DESIGN OF PLANTS FOR HANDLING AND STORAGE Fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the creation of plants for transport and storage for fragile or delicate products. Our...

The Cusinato spiral lowerators are ideal in all cases where “drop” transport is required, preserving the integrity of the transported product. The massive use by pasta manufacturers of spiral chutes for transporting pasta, has stimulated over time continuous improvements both from the point of view of design and performance, so much so that they are used successfully for transporting and filling of silos together with other types of fragile food products (snacks, dried fruit, dried vegetables, etc.).

The Cusinato spiral lowerators are:

  • Made entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel;
  • Available in different types: for the drop feeding to fill storage silos, or simply for the conveying and dropping of the product between two transport systems (for example between 2 horizontal conveyor belts) placed on different levels;
  • Built using special machines and equipment, especially made. In addition to diameters of normal production (the standard 500 mm and the 800 mm) you can also have models with different diameters, with spirals of different pitch and cross-sections so to be able to cover other requirements in terms of capacity and type of product to be conveyed;
  • Available with various systems for supporting the spirals, developed and built in accordance with the specifications of the product to be conveyed: by means of external uprights or else with a central upright and support arms and with rounded edge on the section of the “Anti Stop” spiral (to prevent attachment and stagnation of certain pasta shapes). The welding and finishing are accurate and with the use of exclusive devices which prevent the product stopping, stagnating and spilling.


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