Storage silos for pet food Cusinato

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Storage silos for pet food Cusinato

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LEADER IN THE DESIGN OF PLANTS FOR HANDLING AND STORAGE Fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the creation of plants for transport and storage for fragile or delicate products. Our...

The exclusive constructive system of the Silos provides a robust metallic weight bearing structure, suitably designed (calculated and dimensioned statically) to support loads due to the silage of products with a high specific weight; in the calculations even all the possible additional higher loads are considered with the existing or planned feeding systems.The cells can be built with different designs (square, round or rectangular) and with different materials or combinations (Stainless steel or painted carbon steel or galvanized).The unloading, which ensures a complete emptying of the cells, is provided by the vibration extraction system, complete with adjustable sliding gate and flow deflector in the two available versions: with “manual” operation or “automatic with remote control” operation.

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