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Vibrating extractors Cusinato

Capacity from 12m3/h to 55 m3/h, based on the type of product.
Main sizes Silos/hopper outlet 300 x 300 mm;
400 x 400 mm;
400 x 400 mm high flow;
600 x 400 mm.
Cusinato Giovanni Srl

LEADER IN THE DESIGN OF PLANTS FOR HANDLING AND STORAGE Fifty years of experience of unique ideas and original patents, make the Cusinato Company a leader in the creation of plants for transport and storage for fragile or delicate products. Our...

The Cusinato Vibrating Extractors normally used for unloading silos or storage hoppers, exploit the technique of vibrations to enable the even unloading of the product. Initially designed to be mounted in our plants, subsequently they were used and adapted to be also mounted on existing silos and hoppers, to replace other pre-existing unloading systems that were obsolete or performing badly.Motorised with one or two motor-driven vibrators, the Cusinato Vibrating Extractors are capable of extracting and dosing products stored in silos even when handling products that do not flow easily. The required dosing and flow is done by a modular sliding gate which can be operated manually or electrically by remote. For special requirements of production mixes, flow control sensors can be fitted, to ensure the correct fed of all products which make up the recipe/mixture.The range of Cusinato Vibrating Extractors is made up of different models which differ according to their capacity.

The Vibrating Extractors can be equipped with a series of extras:

  • electrical or manual operated sliding gate;
  • product flow sensor;
  • manual or electro-pneumatic operated flow deflector, ideal when the product has to be fed to 2 conveyor/packaging lines.


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