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Problems with opening bags and contaminating the neck of your packaging bags? WEBOMATIC has the solution to save time and eliminate contamination risks.

With the “quick assistant” FKT 800 fresh products such as processed meat or cheese products can be filled cleanly and quickly in the automatically inflated vacuum or shrink bag. The bag filling machine FKT 800 can be used as a stand-aloneversion in front of a vacuum chamber machine ora combination of a packaging line.

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The shrink tank ST 40 processes all types of shrink bags and is suitable for a wide variety of foodstuffs – the ideal complement to vacuum chamber machines. The ST 40 can optionally be equipped with a fume extractor, side product trays or a practical roller table. This simplifies product handling and the machine can be integrated into a small shrink line.

Diving platoform size

Hygienic design and optimized technology.

The first manual shrink tank in the WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® processes all types of shrink bags and is suitable for a wide variety of foods – the ideal complement to vacuum chamber machines. With its inward running basin edges, easy cleaning and hygienic residual water flow of the ST 40 are ensured. The special design and an additional service door guarantee thorough external cleaning and quick and easy maintenance.

The lateral hose connection with the water inlet enables an effortless water supply, while a drainage system prevents overflow. The water temperature can be set precisely, quickly, and above all easily thanks to the digital display and control technology and then regulated automatically. The water level can be measured and controlled directly with the aid of the water level sensor and an optical marking inside the basin. The diving process is initiated by a new type of button, which also signals the readiness for use (green) or the need for control (red) by easily recognizable flashing.

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The fully automatic TL 550 tray sealer is the convincing packaging solution for rising packaging requirements. Thanks to the standard MAP and vacuum technology, the TL 550 tray sealer is particularly suitable for packaging fresh meat and other food products that need prolonged shelf life.

To enter the world of fully automated tray sealing, the TL 550 is a great start. Its compact external dimensions in combination with packaging efficiency and size predestine it for up to medium production capacities.

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The ML-C 2600 is the economical thermoforming machine that does a great job in small to medium sized companies! With a total length of compact 3.7 m, this thermoformer fits any location. He manages to create high-quality packaging quickly and inexpensively in the smallest of spaces.

With a total size of just 3.7 m, the ML-C 2600 marks the compact entry into thermoforming and fits into nearly any place of use. This thermoformer is ideally suited for small or medium production and allows operation from both sides of the machine. Should preheating be applied, the loading zone is not reduced, optional pluggable forming inserts allow a product change-over within minutes.
Depending on specification, the ML-C 2600 can process rigid films up to 600 μm with a width of up to 422 mm in height repeat lengths up to 300 mm.

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Stainless steel external vacuum packaging machine with 420 mm long sealing bar and dry vacuum pump. It operates only with embossed or gusset bags.

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Stainless steel external vacuum packaging machine with 300 mm long sealing bar and dry vacuum pump. It operates only with embossed or gusset bags.

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Vacuum pack thermo tray sealer. MAP and Skin-Pack vacuum packaging. Customizable mold. Suitable for 115 mm tray. Without sealing plate, molds or air compressor. 40m³/h vacuum pump.

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Vacuum pack thermo tray sealer. Skin-Pack vacuum packaging. Customizable mold. Suitable for 100 mm tray. Up to 2 cycles per minute.

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Vacuum pack thermo-sealer on wheels. Packaging in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Quick mold changing system. Suitable for up to 115 mm deep trays.

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Vacuum pack thermo tray sealer. MAP vacuum packaging. Customizable mold. Suitable for 100 mm tray. Up to 2 cycles per minute.


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Vacuum tray thermo sealer in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). Customized mold, universal sealing plate with 2 volume reducers included.

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Semiautomatic trays thermo-sealer, with Gas-Flushing System. Customized mold with profile cut and automatic sealing cycle.

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Hermetic manual thermo-sealer with quick mold changing system. Extremely low maintenance. Ideal for smaller gourmet food stores, catering businesses and ready meals suppliers.


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The idea behind the development of the refrigeration dryers of the HDX-E series was to achieve a compact design in relation to the highest possible quality of the exhaust air. The heat exchanger circuit is filled with the environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant. The dehumidifier management system is fully automatic and optimized in terms of energy saving. The HDX-E dehumidifier includes: a refrigerant dryer, a fine filter, a final filter and an automatic condensate ejector. The HDX-E dehumidifier is therefore the ideal solution for the following applications:

  • high
  • quality painting - drying and cleaning
  • pharmaceutical packaging
  • cutting devices
  • CNC machines  

The HDX-E dehumidifier is equipped with a control panel that allows for electronic control and monitoring of the device's operation. It has the following functionality:

  • Malfunction alarm
  • Low / high temperature alarm
  • High pressure alarm
  • Schedule for replacing air filter elements
  • Management of the condensate drain ejector
  • Energy saving mode


  • Control panel
  • Integrated 1 µm fine filter and 0.01 µm post filter
  • Easy service access
  • Stable dew point
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low power consumption
  • Energy saving mode
  • High-quality electric fan
  • Automatic fan relay
  • High-quality dehumidifier compressor
  • Reliable automatic condensate ejector
  • Electrical insulation class IP54
  • 3 in 1 aluminum heat exchanger 

The effectiveness of the statement

  • - Gradation: 0.01 [µm]
  • - Oil content: 0.01mg / m 3
  • - Water content: 1.5g / m 3 to 0.6g / m 3
  • - Outlet dew point at atmospheric pressure: 3 0 C


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The screw compressor of the HIT-3G series is a comprehensive solution in the form of a compressed air source in the company, constructed on the basis of the latest world technologies associated with the highest quality materials. The HIT compressor is equipped with a microprocessor panel of the control system, which is a novelty in this class of compressors. This solution allows for easy and legible operation of the device. The system automatically detects irregularities in operation and informs by displaying the type of failure, and if there is a risk of damage to the compressor, it will turn it off 

HIT screw compressor - Description of components

L9 control panel

The HIT compressor is equipped with a microprocessor panel of the control system. It informs the user about the compressor's operating mode. The clear and detailed display provides information about:

  • the device's defect through a detailed alarm code
  • operating temperature of the screw module
  • total number of hours worked and under load
  • time remaining until the service inspection.
  • fault memory function.
  • Pressure under your control - By installing a pressure transducer, you can change the minimum and maximum pressure via the control panel. The working pressure is shown on the display in tenths of bar.


Modern automation, based on the highest quality components , protects the compressor against:

  • voltage drop in the electric network
  • failure of the power phase
  • incorrect direction of engine rotation
  • overload of the engine
  • too high oil temperature
  • too low oil temperature
  • starting of an unloaded screw module

Screw module

Made of the best components, the pump system of the HIT series compressor has one of the best efficiency ratios on the market in proportion to the engine power. Reliable drive transmission by means of a belt transmission, which ensures stable operation of the compressor. A refined oil-air filtration system allows to obtain a low oil content in the compressed air at the outlet of the compressor (<4ppm). Throughout the service interval, the compressor maintains its efficiency at the highest level.

Soundproof housing

The housing of the HIT screw compressor has a compact housing , which has been made with high precision. The sound insulation boards installed inside the casing together with the compressor's constructional arrangement made it possible to achieve the noise barrier of 67 [dBA], which is one of the best results in this class of compressors. 

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