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Why choose ESD?

ESD is the abbreviation of Electrostatic Discharge. When this occurs during the vacuum packaging cycle, it can cause damage to the product. Therefore, Henkelman has developed the option ESD technology for the Boxer 42XL and the Falcon range. It is often used to vacuum pack electrical components, such as wafers, chips, motherboards and prints. Ensure maximal ESD security and use special ESD vacuum bags in combination with a vacuum packaging machine equipped with ESD technology.

Henkelman recommends

ESD configuration is a Henkelman option that is only available on Boxer 42XL and the Falcon series. ESD machines are always equipped with Bi-active seal. These are our recommendations.

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For optimal protection

Using Soft Air, the air is gradually and gently returned into the chamber. This gradual process is based on the pre-set time. In a controlled way, the vacuum bag envelopes the product. For optimal protection of both the product and the vacuum bag. 

Soft Air

Soft Air is suitable for both food and non food products. Particularly T-bone steaks, racks of lamb, spare ribs, screws, bolts, electronic components and Printing Circuit Boards (PCB's).

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The Henkelman Lynx series is standard equipped with:

  • Advanced Control including a 20 program memory
  • Full colour screen and a USB connection.

The Henkelman Lynx table-top models are HACCP compliant and compatible with a direct label printer.

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  • For powder products
  • For bulk products
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Accumulation table for packed product

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  • Inlet conveyors
  • Outgoing conveuyors
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Thanks to many years experience on the packaging sector, we have developed a range of Horizontal Flow-Pack machines, respecting the guidelines of the Campagnolo philosophy: simplicity, quality manufacture, reliability, easy to use.


  • High quality bags 
  • Easy of operation 
  • Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning 
  • Tele-service (on request)

Technical features

  • Cantilevered construction left or right 
  • Main motor with inverter for adjustable speed 
  • Forming box adjustable or fixed as request 
  • Cantilevered reel holder with air expanding shaft 
  • 3 pairs of sealing rollers (C-H-C) * 
  • Rotary cross sealing jaws * length max 300 mm 
  • Tool free film-reel and forming box change over * 
  • High quality and modular, non-proprietary components 
  • Operator’s panel colour touch-screen with integrated temperatures
  • Control and adjustable position 
  • Working programs memorization 
  • Infeed conveyor 1500 mm. loading zone length *
  • Working: electro-pneumatic 

* standard models

Wrapping materials:

  • Heat-sealable films,
  • OPP films,
  • Polyethylene, etc.


  • Photocell for print centering,
  • Various kinds of printing unit,
  • Gear shift for pitch changeover,
  • Rotary cross sealing jaws with no.4 jaws,
  • Zig-zag knives,
  • "Euroslot" device,
  • Gusseting device,
  • Gas injection (MAP), Alcohol sprayer, etc.

Special models 

  • Models with top-seal 
  • Intermittent models 
  • Stainless steel models

The technical specifications stated are merely indicative and data should always be confirmed by CAMPAGNOLO.

Transporter systems:

  • Product hopper and loading conveyors;
  • Bucket elevators for spaghetti;
  • Outgoing conveyors;
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The new intermittent Vertical F/F/S Machines series C45

  • Extremely flexible on bag sizes and package styles
  • High quality bags with high speed
  • Easy of operation and minimal maintenance 
  • Teleservice on request

Main features

  • Sturdy, light and compact frame, made in stainless steel AISI 304 or painted RAL 9003 (standard model)
  • Cross sealing jaws movement controlled by means a pneumatic cylinder or with a “”brushless” motor (mod. C45)
  • Pre-setting of the jaws working to allow maximum speed (mod. C45) 
  • Film pull with independent motorizazion driven by inverter
  • Easy manual film splicing device
  • Tool free film-roll and forming tube change over
  • Modular, non-proprietary components
  • Operator’s pannel color touch screen with integrated temperatures control


  • Mod. C45 INOX: stainless steel models.
  • Mod. C45 SV: for to pack granular products undervacuum.

Product can be packaed 

  • In bulk
    Dried foods, legumes, dried mushrooms, biscuits, baked goods, candies, popcorn, chips, snacks, short pasta, mozzarella, frozen vegetables and other products, small metals and plastic items, spare parts, etc.
  • Flowing products, powders and liquids
    Ground coffee, coffee beans, cocoa, rice, sugar, semolina, salt, pepper, seeds, granular products, pudding, milk in powder, spices, potato starch, different kinds of flour, plant loam, detergents, plaster, chemical additives, milk, water, etc.
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GDV60 PF Volume Doser

The GDV60-PF model is an economical solution for dispensing products such as snacks, small cookies, etc. The model is equipped with a bunker, regulating brushes and custom cups.

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