Adsorption dehumidifiers

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Adsorption dehumidifiers

Type Compressed air / nitrogen
Operating pressure bar 4 - 16
Medium temperature C +5 +50
Compressed air consumption 17% average, from the inlet value
Power supply 230 V / 50 -60 Hz AC;
110 V / 50-60 Hz AC 24 V DC;
24 V AC on request
Power consumption approx. 4 W
Materials Extruded profiles - Anodized aluminum
Lids and adsorbs - Glass fiber reinforced with poly-amide

Compressed air is an important energy process and is used moderately in almost all areas of industrial production. The sucked in atmospheric air contains contaminants such as dust particles, moisture and, as a result, water resulting from the condensation of water vapor in the compressed air network. This condensation can lead to significant costs (corrosion, freezing, etc.). These costs can be avoided by using Ultrapac 2000 adsorption dryers. This complete treatment system includes a prefilter with automatic condensate drain, an adsorption dryer and a post filter. The pre-filter retains solids and condensate (water-oil mixture) up to a residual oil content of 0.03 mg / m3. The adsorption dryer then absorbs the moisture in the compressed air at a dew point of -40 ° C. Ultimately,the post-filter catches the remaining particles from the condensate neutralization process.

Standart supply:

  • Complete drying kit with pre- and post-filter and automatic condensate drain.
  • Desiccant with replaceable cartridges.
  • Compact structure, small dimensions.
  • LED indicator of when to replace cartridges or filters.
  • Integrated control block.
  • Kit ready for installation; All components from one supplier, optimally matched to flow parameters
  • Easy storage of spare cartridges, simple replacement, the agent is not exposed to mechanical damage.
  • Takes up little space, can be hung on the wall or next to the machine.
  • Easy assessment of the moment of the need to replace the adsorbing agent, signaling the wear of filter inserts.
  • Convenient maintenance. Moving parts and electrical equipment.
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