Inverter NX 7.5-45 kW

Inverter NX 7.5-45 kW

Installed power kW 7.5 - 45
Ingress protection IP21-54

What is a frequency converter and what is it for?

Generally speaking, a frequency converter is an electronic device whose task is to convert AC energy with a constant voltage amplitude and constant frequency into energy with variable frequency and variable voltage amplitude adjustable to the needs. A frequency converter is a device used for smooth regulation of the rotational speed of electric motors while maintaining the best possible operational parameters.
The use of a frequency converter in our screw compressors allowed to obtain very good control properties of induction motors, ensuring, with proper control, obtaining the full torque of the motor at low rotational speeds while maintaining a constant pressure in the compressed air network with its variable outflow.
Each screw compressor with a frequency converter has the possibility of speed regulation in the range from 50% to 100%, and thus also in this capacity range. The continuously variable speed control of the compressor is the most economical way of regulating. The main advantages are lower electricity consumption compared to traditionally controlled compressors and maintaining a constant set pressure in the compressed air network.

Advantages of using a frequency converter in screw compressors

  • Better work even with small capacities of the expansion tank.
  • Constant pressure in the compressed air network.
  • Soft start-up of the compressor: - low starting current - no pulsating blows in the compressed air network
  • Greater reliability: - gentle - smooth start and acceleration - smooth braking (thus reducing mechanical and electrical loads) 
  • Llonger life of the moving components
  • Microprocessor controller protecting compressor through the control and monitoring systems of the main operating parameters.
  • Smooth regulation of compressor revolutions in the range from 50% to 100% revolutions.
  • The power factor of the cos phi motor is kept at the highest level throughout the rev range.
  • Mild changes in current, voltage and frequency values.
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