Pneumatic installation

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Pneumatic installation

Max pressure 16 bar

Pneumatic installations - quick assembly system

Plug-in installations in the system are characterized by a very simple assembly, which saves about 40% of the investment value, due to the possibility of self-execution.


  • simple and quick assembly (no gluing or welding)
  • ideal for compressed air
  • top quality products
  • quick disconnection and disassembly
  • no additional seals
  • very good flow properties

Assembly / disassembly connection diameter 15 mm - 22 mm

1. Cut the pipe at right angles, remove burrs. Check that the pipe has no sharp edges, longitudinal scratches and no other damage.

2. The coupler grips the pipe before sealing. Push the pipe all the way in.

3. Push the pipe all the way in. The lampholder has stainless steel teeth and fixes the tube in the fitting. The sealing ring creates a perfectly tight connection.

4. Check the connection by stretching the pipe. Make sure the pipe is securely seated. This can be seen by pulling the pipe in opposite directions

Disconnecting the connection


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