VDBI screw compressor 22-45kW

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VDBI screw compressor 22-45kW

Power: 22-45 kW
Yield: 2900-6600 l/min (174-396 m3/h)
Working pressure: 8-13 bar
Dimensions mm 1750 x 900 x 1600
Weight kg 720 - 840
Noise: 70 dB
Drive direct + inverter
Warranty 5 years

The VDBI series of compressors is based on the latest standards prevailing on the industrial compressor market. It was created for production plants as well as medium and large enterprises. The direct drive design ensures that the compressor of the VDBI series always achieves the highest degree of efficiency and energy efficiency. Equipping the compressor with an inverter with a wide range of operation makes it fully adaptable to the conditions of an industrial pneumatic network. Slow-speed and variable-speed direct drive compressors result in longer life of individual compressor components, lower air losses and low maintenance costs. Additionally, the compressor can be equipped with a heat exchanger, which translates directly into savings in the form of free heating or hot running water.

The most important advantages that make the VDBI project unique:

  • low maintenance costs throughout the country
  • significant reduction of electricity costs
  • easy operation of the compressor
  • device reliability confirmed by meticulous quality controls during the production process
  • high efficiency of the screw module in relation to the power of the electric motor
  • the compact design of the compressor gives great adaptation possibilities
  • possibility of using the compressor's thermal efficiency
  • cascade / matrix function

VDBI screw compressor - Component description

Screw module


Made of the best components, the VDBI compressor pumping system has one of the best effective efficiency ratios in relation to engine power on the market. A refined oil-air filtration system allows to obtain a low oil content in the compressed air at the compressor outlet (<4ppm). Throughout the service interval, the compressor maintains its performance at the highest level. The integrated filter holder with oil reservoir enables easy service.

Electric motor IE3

The high-efficiency class IE3 motor, compliant with the EU MEPS regulation, guarantees the highest energy efficiency. The technical solution of the lubrication system guarantees long and trouble-free operation. The engine was produced in an environmentally friendly production technology and is characterized by low heat emission to the atmosphere.

Drive transmission

The flexible coupling drive solution lasts longer than the belt transmission - it is resistant to abrasion, oil and aging. The Taper type design eliminates errors in the misalignment of the module and the motor, and the even load of the bearings of these elements increases the service life of the working elements. The design of the clutch ensures quiet operation of the drive through a flexible insert that dampens shocks and rotational vibrations.


Modern automation, based on the highest quality components, protects the compressor against:

  • voltage drop in the electric network
  • failure of the power phase
  • incorrect direction of engine rotation
  • overload of the engine
  • too high oil temperature
  • too low oil temperature
  • starting of an unloaded screw module

Cooling system

Extremely effective, dual-function cooler provides optimal working conditions in the toughest working conditions of the compressor. It allows to achieve a low outlet temperature of the air to the pneumatic network. The cooling system has been equipped with an innovative turbine fan that increases the efficiency of the system, while reducing the noise level. High-temperature hydraulic hoses are used to connect the cooler with the module.

NXD inverter
What is a frequency converter and what is it for?

Generally speaking, a frequency converter is an electronic device whose task is to convert AC energy with a constant voltage amplitude and constant frequency into energy with variable frequency and variable voltage amplitude adjustable to the needs. A frequency converter is a device used for smooth regulation of the rotational speed of electric motors while maintaining the best possible operating parameters.

The use of a frequency converter in our screw compressors allowed to obtain very good regulating properties of induction motors, ensuring, with proper control, obtaining the full torque of the motor at low rotational speeds, maintaining a constant pressure in the compressed air network with its variable outflow.

VDBI screw compressors with an integrated NX-D frequency converter have a wide performance range. The continuously variable speed control of the compressor is the most economical way of regulating. The main advantages are lower electricity consumption compared to traditionally controlled compressors and maintaining a constant set pressure in the compressed air network.

Further Accessories
Invertor - Better work even with small capacities of the air receiver.
- Constant pressure in the compressed air network.
- Soft start-up of the compressor - low starting current - no pulsating blows in the compressed air network
- Greater reliability - gentle - soft start and acceleration - smooth braking (thus reducing mechanical and electrical loads ) - longer life of the moving components.
- Microprocessor controller protecting compressor through the control and monitoring systems of the main operating parameters.
- Smooth regulation of compressor revolutions in the range from 50% to 100% revolutions.
- The power factor of the cos phi motor is kept at the highest level throughout the rev range.
PLC L25S The VDBI compressor is equipped with the L26S microprocessor panel of the control system, which informs about the compressor's operating mode. The alphanumeric LCD display provides information on the defect of the device, the temperature of the screw module, working pressure, the number of hours worked, and the time remaining until the service inspection. The control panel enables the automatic start-up of the compressor after a power failure and the setting of 3 work schedules for one day a week. It is possible to connect the compressor in a cascade (master / slave / multi-compressor). The control system can be viewed in 8 languages: Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.
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