VSA screw compressor 18.5-22 kW

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VSA screw compressor 18.5-22 kW

Power: 18.5-22 kW
Yield: 2000-3200 l/min (120-192 m3/h)
Working pressure: 8-13 bar
Dimensions mm 1100 x 850 x 1300
Weight kg 600-670
Noise level 69 dB

The screw compressor of the VSA series is a comprehensive solution in the form of a compressed air source 120 - 192 cub m per hour in the company, constructed on the basis of the latest world technologies associated with the highest quality materials. The HIT compressor is equipped with a microprocessor panel of the control system, which is a novelty in this class of compressors. This solution allows for easy and legible operation of the device. The system automatically detects irregularities in operation and informs by displaying the type of failure, and if there is a risk of damage to the compressor, it will turn it off 

VSA Screw Compressor - Description of the components


Modern automation, based on the highest quality components , protects the compressor against:

  • voltage drop in the electric network
  • failure of the power phase
  • incorrect direction of engine rotation
  • overload of the engine
  • too high oil temperature
  • too low oil temperature
  • starting of an unloaded screw module

Screw module

Made of the best components, the pump system of the VSI series compressor has one of the best efficiency indicators on the European market, proportional to the engine power. By integrating the filters and the oil separator with the module, the number of connections with the rest of the components has been reduced to a minimum, thus achieving the highest degree of reliability.

Oil-air cooler

Extremely effective, two-function cooler ensuring optimal working conditions in the most difficult working conditions of the compressor. It allows to achieve a low outlet temperature of the air to the pneumatic network. It is equipped with a fan, controlled by a control panel depending on the compressor load. High-temperature hydraulic hoses are used to connect the cooler with the module.

Soundproof housing

The housing of the VSA screw compressor has a compact housing , which has been made with high precision. The sound insulation boards installed inside the casing together with the compressor's constructional arrangement made it possible to achieve the noise barrier of 69 [dBA], which is one of the best results in this class of compressors. 

Further Accessories
Automatic preinstalled drain HD-MD600 Min. / Max. temperature (° C) +1 / +50
Operating pressure 0-16 bar. Condensate Dirty with oil and no oil
Aluminum body lined with a hard, abrasion-resistant coating

The indispensable system in modern condensate management. The automatic electromagnetically controlled check valve, based on continuous measurements of the condensate level in the tank, opens as needed and causes a continuous discharge of condensate from the compressed air system without pressure loss.
Invertor - Better work even with small capacities of the air receiver.
- Constant pressure in the compressed air network.
- Soft start-up of the compressor - low starting current - no pulsating blows in the compressed air network
- Greater reliability - gentle - soft start and acceleration - smooth braking (thus reducing mechanical and electrical loads ) - longer life of the moving components.
- Microprocessor controller protecting compressor through the control and monitoring systems of the main operating parameters.
- Smooth regulation of compressor revolutions in the range from 50% to 100% revolutions.
- The power factor of the cos phi motor is kept at the highest level throughout the rev range.
PLC L25S The VDBI compressor is equipped with the L26S microprocessor panel of the control system, which informs about the compressor's operating mode. The alphanumeric LCD display provides information on the defect of the device, the temperature of the screw module, working pressure, the number of hours worked, and the time remaining until the service inspection. The control panel enables the automatic start-up of the compressor after a power failure and the setting of 3 work schedules for one day a week. It is possible to connect the compressor in a cascade (master / slave / multi-compressor). The control system can be viewed in 8 languages: Polish, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish and Portuguese.
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