VT air dryer refrigeration type

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VT air dryer refrigeration type

Installed power 0.17-2.55 kW
Yield: 264 -5400 l / min (15,8- 324 m3 / h)
Working pressure: 12-16 bar
Tension V 230
Dimensions mm 330 (600) x 500 (700) x 360 (490)
Weight kg 25-80

Dryer - called a cooler, is designed to eliminate water in compressed air installations. In the process of compression, a significant amount of heat is generated, so that the compressed air, after leaving the compressor, is so hot that when it comes into contact with the external conditions, water condenses (condenses) on the basis of the temperature difference. In order to eliminate this technologically unfavorable phenomenon, the warm air, after leaving the compressor tank, but in front of the filtration unit, is cooled to a temperature below the dew point, ie +3 o C. This process takes place in devices called dryers or coolers, which, after cooling the air, separate the water from it and expel it outside the system.The refrigeration circuit is filled with the environmentally friendly R134a refrigerant. The control system is fully automatic and energy-saving.

Refrigeration dryers are installed in installations operating at temperatures above 0 ° C.

In modern compressed air installations, the use of dryers is a priority, precipitation of water outside the system extends the life of all air-powered devices (and in some cases the presence of water in the installations prevents operation.)

Advantages of dehumidifiers:

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Few elements - low failure rate
  • High efficiency condenser and exchanger
  • High reliability fan
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Control indicator
  • Quiet work
  • Automatic moisture ejector
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