Linear dosing system WS85

Linear dosing system WS85

1B linear doser up to 15 ppm
2B linear doser up to 30 ppm
3B linear doser up to 45 ppm
4B linear doser up to 60 ppm

The WS85 series of linear dosers are the ideal solution for weighing various products, such as short, dry and fresh pasta, biscuits, candy, dried fruit, snacks, coffee, frozen foods, small metal and plastic items, etc., having a range weights from 20 to 2000 grams.

They guarantee accuracy and performance up to 15 dosing weighing processes / min for each doser.

The structure consists of anodized aluminum profiles and AISI 304 stainless steel parts that come into contact with products. Its complete modularity allows an easy combination of more than one weighing dosers (Maximum 4).
They are ideally combined with vertical FFS machines: they can also be used to dispense products to THERMO-FORMING machines or to fill group bags, cans, boxes, etc. (S / AWS85 version).

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