Multihead weigher Combiweight 10-S

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Multihead weigher Combiweight 10-S

Quantity of heads 10
Capacity 70 ppm
Volume of heads 4 liters
Dosing accuracy 0.8 grams
Max weight of dosing 1000 grams
Voltage 220 V single phase 50 Hz
Power 1.5 kW

Multihead weighers are designed for fast and accurate bag dispensing.

Its main advantages:

  • Fully microprocessor controlled for easy programming and operation
  • High precision combined with high performance
  • Touch screen for quick and easy data entry
  • Powerful high quality build
  • Easy and quick switch from one product to another
  • Lack of underweight
  • Self-diagnosing system
  • Quick and easy access to all parts for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The multihead dispenser is equipped with a stepped motor system with the ability to select the exact product feed profile, which leads to faster and less noise.

The weighed product is fed from the central vibrator to the circular loader, and then from the upper baskets to the weighing baskets (lower). The combination of weights in some of the lower baskets sets the required weight.

Data entry and information storage are carried out very conveniently and quickly due to the touch panel, which optimizes the performance of the machine even during the packaging of products with different weights and structures.

Cobmiweight electronic scales are an ideal solution for packaging various products weighing from 15 to 1000 grams and a production speed of up to 150 weighing operations per minute. All parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 304.

17 models avialable. Speed from 80 to 160 ppm. Up to 90 packing recipes. Weighing volume from 10 to 5000 gr. Weight accuracy 0.1 g.

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