Vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines C45-2 Campagnolo

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Vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines C45-2 Campagnolo

Capacity Up to 50 ppm
Power 2,0 kW
Air consumption 300 l per min
Lenght of bags 50 - 470 mm
Width of bags 70 - 320 mm
Dimensions 1400 x 1650 x 2200 mm
Campagnolo Srl

Located in Galliera Veneta, about 70 km from Venice, for more than 50 years it has operated in the production of primary packaging Machines and Lines (form – fill – seal of bags with various shapes and sizes, starting from flat flexible film reel)....

The new intermittent Vertical F/F/S Machines series C45

  • Extremely flexible on bag sizes and package styles
  • High quality bags with high speed
  • Easy of operation and minimal maintenance 
  • Teleservice on request

Main features

  • Sturdy, light and compact frame, made in stainless steel AISI 304 or painted RAL 9003 (standard model)
  • Cross sealing jaws movement controlled by means a pneumatic cylinder or with a “”brushless” motor (mod. C45)
  • Pre-setting of the jaws working to allow maximum speed (mod. C45) 
  • Film pull with independent motorizazion driven by inverter
  • Easy manual film splicing device
  • Tool free film-roll and forming tube change over
  • Modular, non-proprietary components
  • Operator’s pannel color touch screen with integrated temperatures control


  • Mod. C45 INOX: stainless steel models.
  • Mod. C45 SV: for to pack granular products undervacuum.

Product can be packaed 

  • In bulk
    Dried foods, legumes, dried mushrooms, biscuits, baked goods, candies, popcorn, chips, snacks, short pasta, mozzarella, frozen vegetables and other products, small metals and plastic items, spare parts, etc.
  • Flowing products, powders and liquids
    Ground coffee, coffee beans, cocoa, rice, sugar, semolina, salt, pepper, seeds, granular products, pudding, milk in powder, spices, potato starch, different kinds of flour, plant loam, detergents, plaster, chemical additives, milk, water, etc.
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