Automatic Tray Sealer TL 1150 Webomatic

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Automatic Tray Sealer TL 1150 Webomatic

External machine dimensions: 6.950 x 1.220 x 1.750 mm (W x D x H)
Tray materials: e.g. PP, EPS, A-PET, C-PET, rPET, PLA, cardboard and paper-based trays, aluminium
Tray formats: MONO: 1.030 x 400 x 120 mm (L x W)
DUO: 1.030 x 190 x 120 mm (L x W)
Max. tray depth: 120 mm
Control unit: Mitsubishi PLC
Capacity: up to 18 cycles/min.
Vacuum pump: External
Top film width: max. 470 mm
Film transport: Servo
Packaging types: Sealing, MAP, Protrude-skin, Pseudo-skin, Peelpaq®, Visiopaq®
Film roll diameter: max. 350 mm
Contour cutting: Outside cut, Inside cut, Peel-tap

WEBOMATIC – Building trust since 1958. From a small family business to a globally successful manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines. Since the construction of the first packaging machine by the couple Hildegard and Werner Bonk in 1958, we have...

The WEBOMATIC® Traysealer TL 1150 offers individually adaptable high-tech packaging technology that is second to none. WEBOMATIC tray sealers stand for process reliability and highest precision even with the most critical products. With the WEBOMATIC Multitools, skin or MAP packages are created with the same tool. Thanks to WEBOMATIC SCC, in the event of a malfunction, the production shift can still be completed on the same machine without having to switch to another line.

Quality, craftsmanship and engineering meet the highest demands by offering a unique packaging technology which is second to none in the industrial tray capacities. With its specially extended sealing chamber, the TL 1150 represents the high industrial volume WEBOMATIC tray sealing solution.

Further Accessories
Options Skin packaging: protrude-skin and pseudo-skin
WEBOMATIC SCC – Single Cavity Control
Film preheating
Peel tab
Inside Cut
Tray lifting device
Print mark control – for controlling printed film
Communication module for remote diagnosis and maintenance
Operator identification pins
Liquid separator with automatic emptying
O2 – Equipment for gas with a
O2 content of > 21 %
Gas mixer
Destacker for trays
Dosing system for controlling the filling
Lidding machine for attaching lids to trays
Marking system
Tray turning station for smooth further processing
Tool change cart for easy tool change
Tool rack for safe storage of unused tools
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