Термоусадочный туннель STCW 80 Webomatic

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Термоусадочный туннель STCW 80 Webomatic

Machine size: 1,086 x 1,453 x 1,442 mm (W x D x H)
Max. product size: 750 x 285 mm
Max. product weight: 100 kg
Control: STCW 80-L: in line
STCW 80-T: on separate touch screen

WEBOMATIC – Building trust since 1958. From a small family business to a globally successful manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines. Since the construction of the first packaging machine by the couple Hildegard and Werner Bonk in 1958, we have...

The industrial finish for packaging.

The large WEBOMATIC Shrink Tunnel STCW 80 automatically creates shrink packaging without clocking, thus avoiding cost-intensive production breaks and creating uniform wrinkle-free packaging. The WEBOMATIC CleanDesign® of the shrink tunnel STCW 80 ensures direct water drainage and the avoidance of dirt nests due to bevelled surfaces.

The magnetic coupling drives the conveyor belt wear-free, two measuring systems ensure the necessary water level of the shrink tunnel.

Cleaning programs

The shrink tunnel automatically detects when it needs to be cleaned or descaled and reports this automatically via the touch screen. In the case of manual cleaning, the operator is guided through a cleaning program via the monitor.

Shrink tunnel in the packaging line:

For use within a complete WEBOMATIC packaging line, WEBOMATIC shrink tunnels and dryers are available in the pure line version without touch screen (STCW 60-L and STCW 80-L as well as DU 60-L and DU 80-L).

Further Accessories
Options: Electable electric or steam heating
Electric and Steam Heating (Open System)
Steam heating with heat exchanger (closed system)
Cleaning and descaling program
Conveyor belt speed control
Touch panel (T version)
Product table LS 150 or product depot PD 150
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