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Tray-sealing packaging machines

ItalianPack Poseidon Gastronome is the ideal thermosealing machine for the catering industry and food processors.

Poseidon Gastronome shares the same technical specifications and small footprint as the Poseidon packaging line but the specific size of its die allows for the simultaneous packaging of both multiple trays and multi-product trays. Max size: 390-270.

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ItalianPack Poseidon is our entry-level, tabletop thermosealing machine. Especially suited for the takeaway industry, this stainless steel, manually-operated machine is highly compact, rugged and user-friendly. Poseidon can seal trays of any size as the die is specifically designed as required by the client. Film width does not change if the trays are those commonly used in the food industry.

Sealing system

The Poseidon sealing system has been successfully tested over the years and has proven to be suitable for prolonged use.

Film rewind

In 1988 ItalianPack adopted an automated, magnet-driven film infeed system for safe, hygienic film unwinding operations in compliance with the current European safety standards.

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ItalianPack Poseidon Jolly is the most advanced tabletop, highly compact thermosealing machine of the Poseidon line. Its sealing system, automatic film waste cutting and gas flush option make it the perfect choice for small food processing businesses.

Cutting film

The attention to tray details and the high quality of the materials used ensure the utmost sealing and cutting precision and deliver maximum reliability even in especially intensive applications.

Gas Flush

This MODIFIED ATMOSPHERE packaging method with GAS FLUSH consists in replacing the air inside the tray by injecting the desired gas mixture without creating vacuum. The attention to tray details and the high quality of the materials used ensure the utmost sealing and cutting precision and deliver maximum reliability even in especially intensive applications.


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TOPLid is the ultra compact tray-sealer by Gruppo Fabbri, known for its performance and simplicity of use.
Fully automatic, it is particularly suitable for the packaging of food products in a protective atmosphere, particularly meat, thanks to the patented gas exchange system.
The compact size, high productivity and simplicity of use make this machine unique. The design of the punching tool has resulted in the extreme lightness of the components, making the format change accessible to everyone.
Also available in a version completely made of steel, TOPLid can be used both in supermarket departments and large- and medium-sized packaging centres.

  • Motorized in-feed conveyors (1/2/4m) 1/2 rows.
  • In-line exit roller and 90° (right/left) - 180° (right) motorized exit conveyors.
  • Photocell for product exit control.
  • Photocell for registered printed film.
  • Gas mixer and gas analyzer kit.
  • 1, 2, 4 cavities moulds.
  • Protruding products.
  • Reversible 1-2 rows TopLid version.
  • Stainless steel covers.
  • Motorized tray-turning exit belt.
  • Server TCP/IP connection.
  • Teleservice and other optional features.

TOPLid occupies approximately 1.6 m2 of surface area and offers a speed packaging up to 40 trays per minute in the double-line version. It is the only tray-sealer in the world to offer these benefits with such small dimensions.

Thanks to the innovative gas exchange system, TOPLid can handle mixtures with residual oxygen up to 0.3%, without resorting to expensive systems equipped with vacuum-gas pumps. Moreover, there is no need for special and expensive power systems in the presence of high percentages of oxygen.

The format change is managed by touch-screen monitors and operators can perform operations by following simple, step by step instructions. In addition, the positioning of the various parts is controlled by the machine at different times, effectively excluding the possibility of making errors. Great attention has been given to the operator at this delicate stage: the limbs of the staff are never in contact with the critical parts such as sealer tools and blades, so that each format change can take place in complete safety. Thanks to the tool lightness, the machine doesn’t need a mould change chariot.

TOPLid can be ordered with a double-line configuration, a solution that exploits the maximum potential of the machine. This configuration can be easily converted to the single-line version by simply changing the punching tool and the programme. In the same time that is needed to perform a format change, you will have a machine available that can package different types of trays at the most suitable speeds. Unique!

Simple and intuitive interface to control all machine functions with a simple touch. Everything, multi-lingual and coloured.

TOPLid, in conjunction with the best performing film in the market, ensures excellent sealing even at maximum speed, guaranteeing the highest safety standards to clients. TOPLid provides the best performance with PE-Lid 22, a 5-layer high barrier film, specially developed for tray sealer machines by Gruppo Fabbri.

The automatic in-feed of TOPLid allows for the packaging of trays without any need for prepositioning or spacing at the entrance, typical of traversing bar machines. It can also handle the same format with different heights at the same time, thanks to its innovative tray-loading system.

TOPLid, like all the packaging machines of Gruppo Fabbri, features several access points to various mechanical parts, thanks to the semi-covers that can be opened, the two front panels and the exit safety guards This guarantees utmost simplicity and speed in performing operations of cleaning and regular maintenance. The panel containing the electric, electronic and pneumatic units has an IP54 degree of protection and is located at the rear of the machine, ensuring total protection.

TOPLid can package trays with protruding products, all those products that for reasons of presentation or management extend beyond the edge of the tray. Thanks to the dedicated optional feature, TOPLid can offer a protected atmosphere solution with an attractive fresh appearance. It is special also in this regard.

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XPEED 1 is the compact tray sealer by Gruppo Fabbri suitable for the packaging of fresh foods with Lid trays and film that brings the latest innovations in the field of tray sealing. Based on the XPEED 5 platform, XPEED 1 shares the main structural and operational features of the flagship version, bringing innovations in tray in-feed, gas consumption, flexibility and format change.

XPEED 1 provides performance that is characteristic of top of the range machines, being the only tray-sealer in its segment with both double and single-line in-feed. Made of stainless steel for maximum durability in harsh environments, XPEED 1 is suitable for applications in: vacuum gas for protective atmosphere in the medium- and long-term with minimal levels of residual oxygen, gas flushing to obtain a protective atmosphere in the short- and medium-term, skin configuration, versions with protruding product, single tray closure with film lid.

With XPEED 1 Gruppo Fabbri brings innovation to the segment of tray-sealing based on the best Italian engineering and a deep understanding of the food packaging market. 

  • Photocell for use of printed film.
  • Trolley for fast and easy mould maintenance and replacement.
  • Automatic tray feeder.
  • Dividers/combiners for incoming and outgoing product.
  • Extended in-feed conveyors and outgoing product.
  • Module for downloading production data.
  • remote assistance
  • Vacuum pump.
  • Set up for gas mixer and analyser.
  • Quick release mould kit.
  • Safety kit mould.
  • Other optional features upon request.

XPEED 1 has been built to reduce the surface discontinuities and flat areas where dirt, dust, liquids and production residues can easily accumulate. The 1,500 kg of stainless steel is the best guarantee for long service life and aluminium alloys have been used for the fast-moving parts. Work area designed for IP65 wash.

XPEED 1 is equipped with the Eco-Gas punching tool, the Gruppo Fabbri patent that allows for the use of up to 50% less gas mixture compared to the best tray-sealers available on the market. A saving that can be seen immediately. Try it to believe it.

1.5m2 ensures total accessibility under the power supply and exit conveyor. This makes the work area very comfortable for operators, allowing for quick and efficient cleaning operations.

The size change takes less than 10 minutes, from stop to "ready for packaging". The absence of preheating and liquid cooling stations means less time for production to resume, lower power consumption and no need for expensive equipment.

The safety guards offer great accessibility to each work area of the machine, from the mould to the upper electric cabinet, from the power supply to the pneumatic parts. The particular care in the design of the packaging area, both for free sizes as well as for the minimisation of protruding parts, reveals great attention paid to the comfort of the operators.

XPEED 1 can package with single-line and double-line moulds, maximising productivity in accordance with real client needs. The double-line version can be converted to single-line in a few moments, requiring an actual length of time very close to that for format change. The machine is available in right and left versions.

XPEED 1, in conjunction with the best performing film in the market, ensures excellent sealing even at maximum speed, guaranteeing the highest safety standards to clients. XPEED 1 provides the best performance with PELid 22, a 5-layer high barrier film, especially developed for tray sealer machines by Gruppo Fabbri.

Vacuum-gas, gas flushing, eco-gas mode, only sealing, outside cut, inside cut, skin, protruding product and easy opening.

The particular patented tray transport system allows XPEED 1 to handle packages of the same size but different heights, from 20 mm to 130 mm.

Like all packaging by Gruppo Fabbri, XPEED 1 can be customised according to client requirements, ensuring maximum operational performance at the best price possible.

XPEED 1 handles all the trays and film suitable for tray-sealing packaging: foam polystyrene, polypropylene, aluminium, PET. And more.

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