Tray sealer EXPRESS XL Italian Pack

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Tray sealer EXPRESS XL Italian Pack

Capacity up to 50 trays per min (seal mode)
up to 35 trays per min (M.A.P mode)
Vacuum pump BUSCH 40/60/100 m³/h
Tray sizes
Italian Pack

The year was 1988. Italianpack is the result of the synergic evolution of our workers and the extensive knowledge they have acquired in the field of fresh food packaging technologies, day after day, challenge after challenge. The constant evolution...

The Express XL tray sealing machine provides inline protective atmosphere packing (MAP) for business where floor space is at a premium, such as supermarkets, cash & carry stores and catering butchers.


  • Automatic tray infeed system from 1 to several tray lines
  • Exit conveyors
  • Stainless steel gas buffer tank with pressure regulator.
  • Electric board with up to 10 packaging programs, language selection, integrated temperature control, menu-driven M.A.P. parameters, gradual vacuum and film sealing only.
  • Automatic film rewinder with programmable film advance for significant film waste reduction. Printed film centering device also available.
  • Tool-free die changing in less than 2 minutes – die changing trolley with pre-heating unit also available.
  • Robust stainless steel construction on 1.2 cm thick plate.
  • Double vacuum chamber on rotating turntable considerably cuts cycle times and maximizes output.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel electric box, wire welded frame, numbered cables, easily accessible for optimized ease of cleaning. Hinged stainless steel panel for easy opening.
Further Accessories
PLC touch screen, 65,000 display colors, USB port/Ethernet, 99 packaging programs, language selection, built-in temperature control, menu-driven M.A.P. parameters, skin tray and gradual vacuum.
Die change trolley for easy, tool-less die-change in less than 2 minutes for maximum safety
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Beverage industry plant engineering