Tray sealer Manual Poseidon Italian Pack

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Tray sealer Manual Poseidon Italian Pack

Capacity Up to 4 trays per min
Tray size
Italian Pack

The year was 1988. Italianpack is the result of the synergic evolution of our workers and the extensive knowledge they have acquired in the field of fresh food packaging technologies, day after day, challenge after challenge. The constant evolution...

ItalianPack Poseidon is our entry-level, tabletop thermosealing machine. Especially suited for the takeaway industry, this stainless steel, manually-operated machine is highly compact, rugged and user-friendly. Poseidon can seal trays of any size as the die is specifically designed as required by the client. Film width does not change if the trays are those commonly used in the food industry.

  • Sealing system has been successfully tested over the years and has proven to be suitable for prolonged use.
  • Film rewind adopted and automated, magnet-driven film infeed system for safe, hygienic film unwinding operations in compliance with the current European safety standards.
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Beverage industry plant engineering