Thermo-shrink Diptank 100 HENKELMAN

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Thermo-shrink Diptank 100 HENKELMAN

Chamber dimensions (L x W x H): 600x 800x 220 mm
Machine dimensions (L x W x H): 880x 1000x 1320 mm
Water temperature +80 C
Volume of tank 100 liters
Machine cycle: 15-40 sec

Why work with Henkelman? We are Dutch. And since the company's foundation in 1994, we specialize in vacuum packaging machines. We develop. We manufacture. And we distribute. Worldwide. Approximately 15.000 machines a year to a network of 450...

Shrink technology

Use a Diptank 100 in combination with one of our vacuum packaging machines for the best packaging result.

Further Accessories
Insulating balls are used on heat-shrink tanks 60 and 100. Balls are included in the delivery package of the thermal bath and prevent the evaporation of hot water from the tank
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