Hinged borderless doors INCOLD

Hinged borderless doors INCOLD


INCOLD S.p.A. was founded in 1996 as a separate company and member of the Arneg group, devoted to the production of cold rooms. A specialized technical team and the knowledge of the market acquired in the sphere of the group at the world level have...

The PCE-F series of hinged doors, available on both positive and negative temperature models, consist of 4 essential parts as specified below.

A - Frame in plastic material internally reinforced in steel. In the low temperature version it is equipped with a heating element.

B - Monolithic leaf in bended prepainted sheet white Ral 9010 with rigid polyurethane foam injected on the inside to act as thermal insulation. Along the perimetral edges, special rubber gasket guarantees the temperature seal. The hardware consists mainly of the exclusive handle model LH, complete with key lock and luminescent safety release on the inside and one or more helical hinges, adjustable with screws.

The leaf comes in 2 different thicknesses depending on the working temperature:

  • CE 07 TN for uses up to – 5°C
  • CE 09 BT for uses up to – 20°C

C - Threshold, connected to the frame, can be in 6 different types according to the required use of the door.

D - Internal frame in plastic material, colour white, placed on the internal side of the cold room, it permits a rapid fastening to the prefabricated panels.


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